что такое охота за мусором

Что такое охота за мусором?

A scavenger hunt is a game, that is being played in the whole city. The players have to solve a series of riddles in order to reach their final destination using a mobile app. How is a scavenger hunt being played? The players use the WCT mobile app. They begin from a specific attraction of …

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Лучшие романтические рестораны

Лучшие романтические рестораны в Барселоне.

Barcelona is a romantic city! No wonder, with all the narrowed streets in the beautiful old town of El Gótico, the cities beach front, a delicious cuisine and so many romantic restaurants and bars it is considered one of the top romantic cities in the world. Top 10 romantic restaurants in Barcelona World City Trail, the …

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Исследуйте город: Брюссель, Бельгия.

If you plan to explore a city, you need a complete guide before getting into this. There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing the beauty of a place that is a mixture of modernism and history. Thus, I was on the hunt for something like this. However, my search ended up by finding the incredible …

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