scavenger hunt world city trail

Scavenger hunt to explore a city!

Scavenger hunt is the best way to explore a city, playing and learning.

It is a mix of a treasure hunt , an outdoor escape game and a city tour.

It is the most interactive and safest way to explore a new city or to rediscover yours and learn important information about the best attractions ! We collected the best places and connected them in one walk!

Using the WCT mobile app, you will walk or bike through the city, moving from one attraction to the other, solving riddles! The app provides navigation and is compatible with android, iOS, Windows and more!

World City Trail mobile app

Choose a city !

Scavenger hunt in 55 cities and 28 countries!

The app supports 16 languages (2-10 per city). That way, you get both a game and a multilingual self guided tour.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local, no one knows everything! It is a fun , creative, informative and cheap way to explore a city .

What is the objective of a scavenger hunt?

You will get riddles through the app and you can solve them only if you reach the physical location of the attraction.

When you manage to solve the riddle, you will start walking to the next destination and the app will provide you with directions in order to reach it.

Simultaneously, you can read interesting information about the attractions and facts about the city.

Which are the benefits of a scavenger hunt?

-Problem solving skills building.

-Exercise both body and mind.

-Teach Teamwork.

-Explore a city in a different way.

Do not look for scavenger hunt ideas!

Enjoy the best walk of the city

You will wander around the most important attractions and learn everything about them.

A scavenger hunt is the most creative and team building outdoor activity

-No need of specific knowledge, just observe, imagine, combine.

-Ideal for families, friends, couples, students and companies!

-Spend valuable and creative time all together.

Kids will love this scavenger hunt!

Our customers admit, that playing this game was the only time the kids did not complain about the walk!

No extra costs

It is a very cheap way to explore a city.

Buy and Play instantly

-Pay and play in the next two minutes or within a year!
-Instant delivery.
-No bookings required.

Automatic help system suitable for all

A 3- level help system will give you a boost to continue.

Time is with you and not against you

Manage your time, pause and play whenever you like, even another day.

Self guided city tour and private tour

-16 languages supported, 2-10 per city.

-Learn information, facts and food recommendations.

-Just you and your fellowship, no guides, no crowds.

Lovers of room escape games and treasure hunt

Will satisfy any escape room or treasure hunt lover!


You can rediscover your city in a unique way! Learn things you never knew.

Anniversary, wedding proposals or just a gift for someone you love!

-Just choose the correct place and ” bend the knees”!

-Buy a game and send it as a gift to a friend you miss or appreciate a lot.

-Say happy birthday in a different way!

Buy now !