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I would like to explore a new city or my city in a unique way by playing and learning.

I like riddle-solving so much!

I would like to play a game that combines a treasure hunt, an outdoor escape game, and a self-guided tour.

Also, I would like to play it in my language.

I forgot to mention that I would like it to be cheap.

Can it also be kids friendly in case I have a family?

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135 cities to choose from!

Scavenger hunt and escape games in 135 cities and 36 countries! The app supports 16 languages.

That way, you get both a game and a multilingual self guided tour. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local, no one knows everything! It is a fun , creative, informative and cheap way to explore a city.

Choose a city!

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More than 150.000 explorers trusted us!

Scavenger hunt self-guided tour

How do i play?

What is the objective of a scavenger hunt and outdoor escape game?

You will get riddles through the app and you can solve them only if you reach the physical location of the attraction.

When you manage to solve the riddle, you will start walking to the next destination and the app will provide you with directions in order to reach it.

Simultaneously, you can learn interesting information about the attractions and facts about the city.

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The most creative and team building outdoor activity

No need for specific knowledge, just observe, imagine, and combine.

Ideal for families, friends, couples, students, and companies! Spend valuable and creative time together.

Kids will love this scavenger hunt – escape game! Our customers admit, that playing this game was the only time the kids did not complain about the walk!

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World City Trail App

To play World City Trail, you need a smartphone with an active internet connection, the World City Trail app, and a serial number or booking reference.
The app can be downloaded for free.

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scavenger hunt and self-guided walking tour

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