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What is a scavenger hunt ?

A scavenger hunt is a game, that is being played in the whole city. The players have to solve a series of riddles in order to reach their final destination using a mobile app. We will fully explain below so the question : what is a scavenger hunt will be answered in detail !

How is a scavenger hunt being played?

The players use the WCT mobile app. They begin from a specific attraction of the city. After they solve the first riddle, then through the app they navigate to the second attraction of the city. The same way, they reach the last attraction of the city.

Are the riddles difficult?

The riddles are of a mixed difficulty . The game provides a help system through the mobile app. If the players do not use any level of hints, the scavenger hunt becomes really challenging. With the use of 3 levels of hints, the game becomes accessible to all the levels of players, either amateurs or experienced riddle solving players. Still wondering about what is a scavenger hunt ?

What else does the game offer?

Except from the riddles related to the most important attractions of the city, the game also offers a self guided tour of the city. The players will learn interesting information about the attractions they visit and also information about the city, food and way of life of the locals.

Why scavenger hunts are the new must-do ?

A scavenger hunt is an outdoor activity and as a result it is a safe activity. The players move on their own pace, they start playing any time of the day and the time is with them and not against them! They can stop any time for lunch or for a coffee, they can take amazing photos of the beautiful sights of the city , even pause the game to have some rest and continue the next day ! They can also visit any of the attractions on their own will.

Is it suitable for all?

Absolutely yes! It is recommended for families, couples, group of friends, companies and students and also kids will love it if an adult explains them how to solve the riddle! It is a great team building activity and a great chance to spend valuable and creative time with your companion. The total walking time is usually 45-60 minutes, but the teams walk 5-10 minutes from one destination to the other, so in the end the players do not even notice the total walk time!

Why a scavenger hunt?

The players can make the best walk of the city playing and learning. The players discover hidden gems, narrow streets and beautiful corners of the city. They take photos , taste the local foods and visit beautiful cafes. They become one with the local lifestyle. It is a self guided activity and the players customize it according to their taste! Also it is a very cheap and interactive way to explore the city and a different idea for thrill seekers !

What is a scavenger hunt ? Now you know !

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