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Possible problems

Attention! If you are connected to a hotel wi-fi network, just use it to download the app and then switch to your data for the login procedure. Hotel wi-fi networks are very often unstable, even if they seem to have a strong signal. Roaming mmust be ON from your phone’s settings and please make sure you are NOT using a VPN service.

1.If for some reason some text or picture fails to load, use the “Issues button” on the top right of the riddle page screen and select Refresh from the menu that will appear.

2.If nothing else works, restarting the app and/or your phone will solve the issue. In order to get the riddle data from our servers, you need an active internet connection. Close the app from the tabs and then open it again.

3.There is an explanation of what each button of the game does. You can find this information in the hamburger menu (three lines) on the top left, or when you hit the “Help button”.

If still you cannot find the solution, please contact us :

Email :

or chat with us!