Installation instructions

The game can be played either online using a browser, or offline through the application downloaded via our website.

Possible problems for Online web app.

  1. For the serial key, please make sure you write it well in the correct field. Almost always it consists of 4 digits. Usually 0 (zero) is confused with O (letter).
  2. If an attraction is not accessible due to pandemic or christmas decorations or renovation, please skip the riddle using all of the hints and then the code button. Please report this to us.
  3. If a riddle page or a hint isn’t loading, please find a place with good connection and reload your page.
  4. If you logged out the online app, please make sure that you copy the whole link and not just a part of it .
  5. When using the online version of the application, please have internet connection on, at all stages.
  6. During login  in the online version of the application, use the email provided during the game’s purchase!
  7. Please note that if you start with the online version, you cannot switch to the offline version and the opposite.

Offline version installation instructions

After the purchase, the steps for downloading and playing the game are really simple:

  1. You will receive an email with the link to download the game and the serial key for the login. Instructions on how to play the game are attached on the aforementioned email. Please open the email from your mobile phone and download the application from there.
  2. Wait until the application is completely downloaded on your mobile device! In case of an error, please delete the download from the “Downloads” file on your device and click on the link again for downloading the application properly.
  3. At first, you need to go to “Settings-> Security” and check the option “Unknown sources”. Tap OK on the prompt message.  When the download of the application is complete, you can find the file on your device’s “Downloads” folder (On most devices it is into “My files”)! Open your Android’s file manager app. Tap the app icon for your Android’s file manager app in the App Drawer to do so. For example, if you’re using the My Files app on a Samsung Galaxy, you would tap the white folder on an orange background icon
  4. Select your Android’s default storage. Depending on where your Android stores its downloaded files by default, tap either the hard drive or the SD card name. This will open a list of folders on your Android.
  5. Make sure this is the file manager for which you enabled app installations. Tap Download. It’s a blue folder in the middle of the page.
  6. Select the “WoRLD CiTY TraiLs” application from the list and install it.
  7. When the installation starts, tap INSTALL. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Doing so begins installing the APK file. When the application is installed, you can click on the application’s icon from the menu and start playing!
  8. Please read the instructions at the beginning of the application in order to avoid any issues.

If still you cannot find the solution, please contact us :

Email : worldcitytrail@gmail.com

Whats app :+30 6942937181