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Please download world city trail app from the store.

  1. Please make sure that you have Roaming enabled from your phone’s settings,you are not using a VPN (please turn it off) and you have a stable internet connection (mobile data) and not a Wi-Fi connection. If all of the above are checked and you still have an internet connection alert, please walk to a place with better connection. In case you still face problems, please close the app(swipe away) and try again. To check if you have a good internet connection try visiting a well known website like
  2. If you are a captain of a team or you are playing alone, tap Create and use the booking reference received by GetYourGuide. It looks like this: GYGXXXXXXXXX.Choose the region and the purchased city. Choose the language for the whole team. Insert a valid email and a Team Name that you will remember. If you re-install the app for any reason , you can join again by taping ‘Join’ and selecting the team you have already created. Tap Login.
  3.  If more players want to join your team, they have to choose Join and enter the same booking reference as you. In this case you will all play in the same session, with the same language and the app will follow the commands of the 1st person that does an action. For example if Player 1 chose to go to Destination 1 first, while Player 2 chose to go to Destination 2 later, the app will take you all to destination 1.
  4. If you need to create more teams with the same booking reference, the captains of the teams should use different Team Names. The rest of the team players will choose their team after they tap Join . In summary, one team name per team.
  5. Swipe right and read the instructions carefully.
  6. Check your route. You can also view it on a map by taping the Map button.
  7. Customize your route by selecting the starting point you prefer.
  8. Enjoy!
  9. Still facing problems? Chat with us!