Game and login instructions

  1. Our game is not a trivia game or a game that you have just to search things and find an answer. It is a game based on observation, combinatorial thinking, imagination and logic. No riddle is easy. You will have to find codes using numbers and letters, based on the location. If you are not sure that this type of game fits to you, you can safely ask for a refund before you start playing!
  2. You can safely login the app right now or the day before and organize your game. Please notice that if you login the online app, then you can not login to the offline app and the opposite.
  3. Try to start the game in the morning, so you can be able to visit some attractions of your choice, but the game can still be played at night and you still don’t have to visit the attractions.
  4. You can pause your game any time and continue whenever you like. Even another day within a year. Also there is no time limit for the game.
  5. Do not forget to fully charge your phone and wear shoes for walking.
  6. The average duration of the game is 2-3 hours, depends on the time spent for riddle solving and breaks.
  7. The average walking distance is 3-6 km and 0.5-1 hour, depends on the city.
  8. The game is designed to provide 4 different levels of difficulty. –The PRO mode, which can be very hard for inexperienced players, is when you try to solve the riddles without the use of hints and the game becomes really challenging. – The HARD mode, when you use up to hint1 level. –MEDIUM mode, when you use up to hint2 level and EASY mode, when you use all of the hints. In any case, the basic goal of our game is to explore the city and learn things playing. Even if you don’t understand some riddles, it doesn’t matter! Just have fun!
  9. Some riddles may be very difficult for inexperienced players. It is very difficult to adjust to all the players, that’s why we created different levels of hints. If you find a riddle frustrating and too difficult for you, please use all the hints and just skip it using the code button. This game is built to offer you a different way to explore the city. Adjust it to yourselves.
  10. If you have any questions during your game, you can send us an email : or send us a direct message through whatsapp : +306942937181. Notice that you have to contact us only if there is a big problem with your game and not for assistance for riddle solving. We will try to reply the fastest we can . You can also visit our FAQ page for possible problems may occur during your game.

Online mode(web app) – iOS, android and more

  1. Follow the link of the online mode and use your login credentials. Please watch this video for visual explanation:
  2. Insert exactly the same email used for the purchase and the serial key received through the email of purchase. Please type the serial key directly to the appropriate field and do not copy and paste it, as usually unexpected gaps occur.
  3. The game can be played by multiple devices. For example if the group consists of 4 players, then each player can log in through his/her device using the same credentials : email of purchase and serial key. If one of the players inserts the correct code, then all the players will automatically proceed to the next riddle.
  4. You will need internet connection the whole time. If the game is slow or you can’t see a photo or a hint, check your connection and find a place where your connection is good.
  5. Game mode – turned on !
  6. WARNING! If you use google translate on your browser, do not use it if you ask for the code of a riddle ,as this will change the correct code.You can use it for hints and info sections.
  7. If you are facing problems during your game, please visit our FAQ page or contact us via whatsapp.
  • Copy the link of the offline mode and the app will be downloaded automatically. Install the offline app and use exactly the same credentials (email and serial key ) of the purchase. Please watch this video for visual explanation :
  • Android users have 3 options:
  • A) To play the game with internet connection for the whole time.
  • B) To download the maps of the city and use only GPS and not their internet connection. When you press the maps button in the app, you can hit one button and copy the coordinates of the destination and paste them in your maps application.
  • C) To play completely offline and without GPS. Here you have to follow directions from a photo of google maps.
  • The offline mode does not support multiple mobile devices, you can use only one device per 4-5 persons.
  • Your total points display in the end of the game. (escape mode only)
  • If you have problems during your game, please visit our FAQ page or contact us via whatsapp. +306942937181