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The best walk of Milan

The best walk of Milan! The city of fashion, design, art and commerce. A metropolitan Italian city that has the second-largest economy among EU cities. And you can sense it.

It’s Christmas and while I’m walking through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, I’m gazing the store windows. Armani, Prada, Dior. For sure, my pocket doesn’t have enough money to buy something, but the Christmas decorations are so beautiful that I can’t resist to stop and admire!

The best walk of Milan

An outdoor game that offers The best walk of Milan !

I’ve started playing World city trail this morning and I have already visited 4 famous spots of Milan and solved 4 riddles. The last one was a tricky one. But, I’ve made it to solve it and immediately the app informed me that the next riddle was waiting for me at the Duomo.

Although the navigation of the app was showing me the way, I decided to rest a little bit in one of the cafeterias of the Galleria. I ordered a coffee and a piece of a Christmas Italian sweet called “Panettone”.
During my stop, many people were passing by.

Others were running, others were walking calm. You could tell who was a tourist and who was going to work. You could feel that you where in a metropolitan city, where time never stops.

The best walk of Milan sent me at Duomo!

I finished my sweet and reopened World city trail app.
After a little bit, I arrived at one of the most beautiful spots of Milan. The Duomo.  A big square with an enormous cathedral in the middle.

The unique gothic architecture of the cathedral was breath-taking. And the Christmas decorations in the square were giving you a sense of magic.
At the main door of the building, there was a huge line of people waiting to enter the cathedral.
Although I wanted to see the interior, I decided to leave it for another day.

Firstly , it’s not necessary for the game and secondly I’ve found out that near the Cathedral there’s a Christmas market with hand-made crafts and food.

The best walk of Milan

Sense of Christmas having The best walk of Milan !

I read the next riddle and started walking through the Christmas market with a smile on my face. I knew that, for today, World city trail would guide me not only to the famous spots of Milan, but also to the hidden ones…

Which places i visited to the rest of the game?

Each one of the places above had something to offer. A very impressive castle, the most famous theatre in Italy, a hidden piazza, an ancient church , an ancient and very impressive gate of the city and one of the most beautiful canals!

The best of it , was that each place had a hidden riddle that must have been solved in order to unlock the next destination through the mobile app of the game!

Milan is a multicultural city and a must visit destination for all ! Follow these tips and have the best walk of Milan!