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Rome scavenger hunt adventure

Rome scavenger hunt adventure !Today is the day! I woke up early with a smile on my face. Immediately, I put on some cozy clothes and a good pair of shoes. Then, I took my bag, my cell full of battery and went out in the street.
The World City Trail app, which offers the Rome scavenger hunt , says that I have to start from Piazza Navona.
Perfect! It΄s not far from my hotel.
In a few minutes I was there.
Without any doubt, it was one of the most beautiful piazzas that I have ever seen.

Rome scavenger hunt adventure helped me to understand the vibe of the eternal city!

The architecture of the Baroque buildings was mesmerizing. Also, the fountain in the middle was creating the sense of being part of a Hollywood movie!
I wondered a little bit around and then I decided to press the play. And here it was. My first riddle. At once, I transformed in the female version of Sherlock Holmes who was wondering in the streets of Rome.

Sat on a bench, near a guy who was playing the guitar and started thinking, along with the music which was helping me to concentrate.
Fortunately, the first one was easy to solve. But, I felt so proud of myself, for solving it!
Right away, the game showed my next stop. Pantheon.

I started walking so I could reach and solve my second riddle. There was an in app navigation system, so i found it easily.
Wandering at the streets of Rome is so special. You could see everywhere, small osterias and restaurants, offering the menu of the day. Gelaterias that were making the tastiest gelato that you could ever taste.

Rome scavenger hunt adventure

This city game includes a photography tour and a city tour!

Every street had something ancient that deserved to be photographed. Every building had something to tell.
The time passes so fast and easy, while walking here.
I arrived at the Pantheon using the navigation of the escape game app without realize it and, clearly, the place was full of people. 

Flags of every colour were up in the air to guide the many tourist groups that were here. You could hear languages from all over the world explaining the history of this amazing building.

The Roman style temple is so well-preserved, that if you close your eyes you can still see Romans and Emperors walking by. At the end, I decided not to enter inside the temple. The game does not require that! Today, is the day dedicated to wandering around Rome. And I have many riddles that are waiting for me to solve.

Rome scavenger hunt adventure

But first, Miss Sherlock has to make a stop from Rome scavenger hunt adventure and eat a delicious cone full of chocolate and pistachio ice-cream! I can take a break whenever i want and ”taste” the Rome! Colosseo i am coming!

Ciao, ciao!