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Rome scavenger hunt and city tour


Rome scavenger hunt was created to offer you the best way to explore this amazing city ! Rome is without doubt one the most beautiful cities in the world; every year millions of tourists come from around the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture.

Rome is an enchanting city where you’ll discover a romantic blend of culture and history spiced up with a vibrant street and nightlife. Add in to the mix delicious gastronomy and excellent Italian wines, and you have an inspiring and beautiful destination that our game will help you make the most of. Rome scavenger hunt is the ideal way to explore the eternal city!

Explore Rome, playing our scavenger hunt and city tour!

It is an outdoor activity combining playing, walking and learning!

As a result, we created the best walk of the city, so you can learn everything about it and it’s most important attractions.

You will solve riddles and move from one attraction to the other! Don’t worry, using our in app navigation system, you will never get lost.

For the hard riddles, an automatic help system will help you move on!

Exploring Rome playing our scavenger hunt was never more fun!

Take photos, discover hidden gems and narrow streets!

This is the best activity for families, friends, couples, students! Finally, for the escape room lovers also!

Give it a try!


Cost:  Each game costs 20 Euros, up to 4-5 players.

Average duration: 2 hours including total walking time 1 hour

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

Museum admission fees: Visits to museums and other attractions do not require a ticket, as the puzzles are related to
their outdoor areas. Admission is purely your choice.

Rome scavenger hunt and city tour begins at Piazza Navona.

You will visit:

  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza della Minerva
  • Sant’Andrea della Valle
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Colosseum
  • San Gregorio al Celio
  • Santa Maria in Cosmedin

1.      Piazza Navona – starting point of Rome scavenger hunt and city tour

Rome scavenger hunt

This is an open space for the public present in Rome, Italy.  It is built on a site which is known as the Stadium of Domitian. It was first built in the first century, which makes it quite ancient however it is very popular among Rome’s public. In addition, most people say that the people of ancient Rome used to visit this place and watch the agones.

It is the main reason it was called the Circus Agonalis. Nowadays it is very famous for the Baroque architecture, which includes one of the famous fountains of Italy called as fountains of the four rivers. It has a Roman God present in the centre of the fountain and four women beside him to represent the four main rivers of Italy.

2.      Pantheon

Rome scavenger hunt

It was a Roman Temple; however, it is a Catholic Church nowadays. It is situated on the site of a temple that was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa Within the golden reign of Augustus. Later it was rebuilt On the order of the Hadrian. It is of great importance to the people of Italy and also one of the tourist attractions because of its historical value.

It has a religious background for both Christians and Hindus, which is why it is also one of the best religious spots visited by people of different religions, including Hindus and Christians in a great number.

3.      Piazza Della Minerva

It is situated in Rome, Italy, near the location of Pantheon. The name of the place is derived from a famous temple that was built on this site. In addition, the temple was dedicated to the Minerva Calcidica. However, the Statue of Minerva Calcidica is still present in Vatican Museums.

This place is also visited by several people because it is mostly populated. It has a historical value which makes a popular among the people who has a love for discovering the history and architecture of Italy.

4.      Sant’Andrea della Valle

It is one of the minor basilicas which is situated in the region of Sant’Eustachio present in the city of Rome, Italy. It is a religious seat that is used for looking into religious matters, especially the religious order of the Theatines.  Moreover, it is quite decorated from the inside and gives a magnificent view to the visitors. It is important religiously to the locals as well as the people who visit this place.

5.      Piazza Venezia

Rome scavenger hunt

It is a famous hug in Rome, Italy, situated in the centre of the city. It is also considered as the central hub, which is of great importance. Many lines are intersecting at this location, including the Via Dei Fori Imperiali and the Via del Corso. It got its name from the building, which was built beside a church on the order of Venetian Cardinal.

6.      Capitoline Hill

Rome scavenger hunt

The Seven Hills is one of the famous locations present in Rome, Italy. It is one of the seventh Hill, which is situated between the Forum and the Campus Martius. The Hills have an importance of their own because each of the hell is dedicated to one of the gods. However Capitoline Hill was called Mons Saturnius in the earlier times. It was dedicated to the God Saturn, making it very important for the residents of Rome. Most of the tourists visit these seven has because of their history and popularity within Italy.

7.      Arch of Constantine

Rome scavenger hunt


It is an important triumphal arch present in Rome, Italy, which is dedicated to one of the famous emperors called Emperor Constantine the Great.  Moreover, it is considered the largest surviving Roman arch till now, which makes it of great importance because of Roman history and architecture. It has political importance and background making it appealing to the locals as well as the visitors.

8.      Colosseum

Rome scavenger hunt

It is a large amphitheatre Situated in Rome. It was famous for holding and hosting such events which kept the audience entertained. Moreover,  it was the greatest platform for holding events like gladiatorial games. It was built within the time of the Flavian emperors. It was built to present as a gift to the people of Rome, which is cherished by the people even now.

9.      San Gregorio al Celio

It is a famous church situated in Rome, Italy. It is of great importance because it is also a part of a monastery of monks. Most of the time, it is used for religious purposes; however, it is open for the public to seek guidance on religious matters.

10. Santa Maria in Cosmedin – ending point of Rome scavenger hunt and city tour

Rome scavenger hunt

This is also a church located in the city of Rome; however, it is considered a minor basilica church. The exact location of the church is at the rione of Ripa. It is one of the Catholic Church which is built on the architecture style of Romanesque architecture.

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