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Rhodes old town escape game, the best way to explore the old town.

During my last trip to Rhodes island, I got to explore the Rhodes old town for a few hours with the World City Trail app. A self-guided, escape game tour, that is self-paced and takes you around the most amazing locations and important historical sights of the Old Town. 

How cool does that sound?

What is World City Trail Rhodes old town?

Rhodes old town outdoor escape game

World City Trail is an online, interactive, escape room and self-guided tour app through which you can discover and explore the best parts of a city on foot or bike at your own pace. 

Rhodes old town was the first location they ever offered, so I was incredibly happy to get to try the original game from where it all started. 

The game is suitable for small groups but you can also complete it solo, like me! 

During my walk I stopped at locations I simply would have skipped by if it wasn’t for the app and the short but catchy bits of historical and cultural info were just what I needed to be able to imagine I was travelling back in time and to another period. 

What can visitors expect from World City Trail Rhodes old town? 

I played the Rhodes World City Trail escape game and discovered the old town by myself. 

All together it took about 2 hours but if you want to stop and visit each one of the places mentioned, I would estimate a bit extra. 

Just the Palace of Grand Master, for example, could take a few hours if you were to wander around each room and get lost in the grandeur and history of the place. 

How are the riddles of Rhodes old town game? 

Rhodes old town outdoor escape game

The riddles start off easy and then get progressively trickier. But don’t worry. You get lots of help (if you choose to use it) so there is no way you will be stuck in one location breaking your brain trying to move to the next level. 

One of the parts that I loved the most was the prompts to talk to a local or ask for help to solve the riddle. 

Rhodes was one of the friendliest places I have been too in a while so I have no doubt that if you are comfortable with asking for directions, you will have plenty of support. 

To give you an example, I had to cut my visit to the museum sort and the lady at the counter was so disappointed I didn’t get to see all the artifacts that she offered me an extension for the next few days so I could come back and see more! 

If on the other hand you are the type of person that likes a challenge and will not press that “hint” button whatever happens then you can also solve it on your own. 

How many other locations are on offer? (at this time) 

At the moment, there are three locations offered in Greece and more than 28 other countries, with new places constantly being added. 

You can do a treasure hunt in Antalya, Amsterdam or Athens, Berlin, London, and so many other cities. 

In the future, and as soon as borders upon up again, I am planning to explore more cities this way.

What is the process like?  

The process could not be simpler. 

After you pay to access the city escape game-city tour of your choice, you are prompted to download the app if you are an android user or play it online for any phone like android, iOS and more. Then add your information and given extensive details on how it works and what to expect. 

The game works offline as well as online and there is also a reminder to bring with you a battery pack just in case you start to run low. I used the online mode so I could open the Google Maps navigation and get to some of the locations faster but if you want a more extreme adventure style, then you can embrace the “get lost” mood and wander around in search of the hidden clues!