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Explore a city : Brussels , Belgium.

If you plan to explore a city, you need a complete guide before getting into this. There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing the beauty of a place that is a mixture of modernism and history. Thus, I was on the hunt for something like this. However, my search ended up by finding the incredible World City Trail. Amazed after seeing the service that has a fantastic way to guide people for traveling. I purchased the Brussels game and opened the mobile app the game offers. Really glad after seeing the clarity of tips and guidance. So, here is my personal experience with this explore a city gaming app.

Brussels, Belgium: Explore a city:

The city game is a unique app service that helps explore a city in the best way. After joining the app, I found it is one of the easiest and most interactive ways to learn new things about any place. Moreover, the traveling app service worked greatly.

explore a city

Furthermore, the city game app doesn’t charge extra, and I found it an incredibly affordable way to explore the city’s famous destinations. Here is the following basic information of this scavenger hunt and city game:

Service nameWorld City Trail
Serving areaIt helps to explore a new city in an incredible way
Focus cities55 cities in 28 countries
Available in16 languages
Apps available forAndroid, IOS, Windows, and more
Works best forFriends, family, companies, students, and private tours

It was like a gift for my inner self that always loves to explore new places, destinations, and cities. Due to tremendous and smooth service, I want to share this incredible with all of you.

How this city game helped me to explore Brussels?

With the help of the app, I was able to find out the most important attractions, discover narrow streets and hidden gems. Before visiting Brussels, I knew it was an important city in Europe and a significant business hub. Moreover, due to historical value, I wanted to explore the best destinations of this city. But If we hire a tour guide, then it’s an expensive way. So, I found the easiest, affordable way in the shape of this scavenger hunt.

World City Trail helped me to find top attractions in Brussels:

While searching about Brussels, I found it was a hub for the royal family and capital of the European Union. But if you want to explore a city and want to enjoy the actual colors of life, then don’t miss café culture. Brussels and Belgium are famous for fries, waffles, and chocolate. Apart from this, here is the list of traditional meals that you shouldn’t miss while visiting.

  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Beef and Beer stew
  • Mussels and fries

However, while solving the riddles, I found some recommendations for eateries and cafes. Apart from this, the app guides me about the Brasseries if I want to find something that is cheap and offers good food. Moreover, here are the following pricing brackets for different types of meals in Brussels:

4-7 Euros5-12 Euros10-20 Euros

Apart from this, the game reminded me not to miss the famous Belgian chocolate while exploring the city.

Famous attractions:

Apart from the food, pubs, and social life, there are many top destinations that i visited while playing the game.

  • Grand place that is located in the old town of the Brussels
  • Mannekin Pis is the best-known landmark that is a treat to watch for tourists like me
  • Saint Michel Cathedral is a historical church that was completed in the 15th century. Thus, it is a great place to visit, especially for people who love seeing historical sites.
  • Palace Royale is a place that the Belgian royal family used as a residence.

Apart from this, the City Game gave many other suggestions about excellent places that I shouldn’t miss. Moreover, the Scavenger hunt and City Game offers many tips that help to explore a city. I can proudly say that the app helped me see every bit of this beautiful place . I can recommend this app if you want a virtual guide at less price with the best suggestions and information about the city.