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Unveiling the Best Activities in Rhodes: A Comprehensive Guide to Island Exploration

Rhodes, a jewel in the southeastern Aegean Sea, beckons travelers with a blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and modern leisure. Discover the best activities in Rhodes as we guide you through a seamless fusion of ancient charm and contemporary excitement. Uncover the top-rated experiences that make this Greek island an irresistible destination for adventure and relaxation.

  1. Explore the Best Activities in the Medieval City of Rhodes: Step into the past as you navigate the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Medieval City of Rhodes, home to the best-preserved medieval architecture in Greece. Immerse yourself in history by visiting the Palace of the Grand Master and strolling through the iconic Street of the Knights. Uncover the best activities within the labyrinthine alleys, teeming with shops, cafes, and historical sites.
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Best Activities in Rhodes Old Town

  1. Visit the Palace of the Grand Master or take a private tour in it!
  2. Take a bike tour or a Trikke tour in the new town and the Old Town.
  3. Go on a self-guided scavenger hunt through the medieval town.
  4. Take a guided walk and wine tasting tour in the old town.
  5. Explore the street of the knights. (Ippoton street)
  6. Try an outdoor escape game in the Old Town.

2. Indulge in the best activities in Rhodes, starting with Tsambika Beach, a sun-soaked haven with golden sands and crystalline waters. Dive into the vibrant marine life of Anthony Quinn Bay or enjoy the perfect blend of ancient history and seaside serenity at Lindos Beach near the picturesque village of Lindos. Visit Agathi beach (Golden Sand) and Traganou beach.

best activities in Rhodes
  1. Take a beach cruise with 3 stops, snacks and unlimited drinks.
  2. Go on a catamaran cruise.
  3. Explore the Pirate’s route by kayaking.
  4. Swim, snorkel, explore hidden caves and keep an eye out for dolphins on this 2,5-hour cruise.
  5. Take a boat trip to 3 of the best beaches.

3. Visit the Acropolis of Lindos: Ascend to the Acropolis of Lindos for a captivating archaeological adventure. Explore ancient ruins, including the Temple of Athena Lindia, and savor panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Choose to trek or ride a donkey for a unique journey to this historical gem.

best activities in Rhodes Lindos
  1. Take a guided walking tour of Lindos
  2. Go on a scenic cruise of Lindos.
  3. Day trip to Lindos
  4. Bus transfer to Lindos
  5. High speed boat to Lindos

4. Discover Natural Beauty in the Valley of the Butterflies: Experience the best of nature in the Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes), where thousands of butterflies create a mesmerizing display. This lush valley, shaded by pine and plane trees, offers a unique and peaceful retreat into the island’s natural wonders. One of the best activities in Rhodes.

Best Activities in Rhodes Butterfly Valley
  1. Butterfly Valley and Seven Springs day trip
  2. Filerimos Hill and Butterfly Valley bus trip.
  3. Lindos and Butterfly Valley guided tour.
  4. Shore excursion to Lindos and Butterfly Valley.

5. Embrace the Best Local Flavors: Rhodes is a culinary paradise influenced by Greek, Turkish, and Italian cuisines. Indulge in the best local specialties, from moussaka to baklava, by exploring the Old Town’s charming tavernas. Immerse yourself in a true Mediterranean feast that captures the essence of the island’s gastronomic heritage.

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  1. Take a cooking lesson, lunch and wine tasting.
  2. Private wine tasting experience for wine lovers.
  3. Food and Wine Private Tour with a Sommelier
  4. Walking Food Tour in the Medieval Town of Rhodes

6. Day Trip to Symi Island – One of the Best Day activities from Rhodes: Extend your maritime exploration with a day trip to Symi Island, just a short boat ride away. Symi welcomes you with colorful neoclassical architecture and a picturesque harbor. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance that defines this enchanting island, making it one of the best day tours from Rhodes. This activity is a total must and surely one of the best activities in Rhodes.

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  1. Rhodes: Symi Island & Panormitis Monastery Day Trip by Boat
  2. Speedboat Trip to Symi with Free Time to Explore
  3. Rhodes: High-Speed Boat to Symi Island and St George’s Bay
  4. From Faliraki: Direct High Speed Boat to Symi
  5. From Rhodes: Private Catamaran Sunset Cruise All Inclusive
  6. Private cruise to Symi island

7. Dive into the Best Water Sports and Jet Ski Adventures: For thrill-seekers, Rhodes offers the best water sports, from jet skiing along the coastline to windsurfing in Prassonisi. Dive into the clear waters and experience the exhilaration of water sports against the stunning backdrop of Rhodes.

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  1. Stand-Up Paddle and Snorkel Adventure
  2. Fishing Trip with professionals-Snorkelling & BBQ
  3. Scuba Diving Tour for Experienced and Beginners
  4. 2-Day Sea Kayaking and Hiking Combo Activity
  5. Boat rental (Kallithea & Anthony Quinn & Traounou caves)
  6. Private Boat for Swimming and Snorkeling Stops
  7. Private Kitesurf Lesson – For Beginners
  8. Half or Full-Day Fishing in The Mediterranean
  9. Stegna Beach: Stand Up Paddle Boarding for Beginners
  10. Drive a jet ski

Rhodes, with its blend of ancient history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture, offers a diverse array of experiences for every traveler. Uncover the best activities in Rhodes, from exploring medieval alleys to maritime adventures and thrilling water sports. Pack your bags and set forth on an unforgettable journey to Rhodes, where the best of the past and present converge in a tapestry of wonder.

Useful information for your stay

Important Numbers

Telephone Area Code +30 2241

Emergency 112
Police 100
Ambulance 166
Tourist Police 171
Fire Department 199
Pharmacies 107
Hospitals 106
Weather service 148
Traffic Police 10400
International Phone Assistance 139

Diagoras Airport: +30 22410 88700-1
Port of Rhodes: +30 22410 22220, +30 22410 28666
Rhodes Tourism Office: +30 22410 44335
Municipality of Rhodes: +30 22413 61200
Police: +30 22410 27506
Tourist Police: +30 22410 27423, 23329
Post Office: +30 22410 35560
Rhodes Hospital: +30 22413 60000, +30 22410 27706, +30 22410 24268

Lindos Information Office: 22440 31900

Banks are located mainly around the city port and there are ATMs everywhere.

There is a bank in Lindos.

Car hire

Argyras rent a car: tel:+302241085520


Neon rent a car tel: +306945592282


Taxi: +30 22410 94528

Rent a moto and bicycle

Elephant in Faliraki.

Tel: +302241 112651


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