Strasbourg hunt+city tour

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Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

Strasbourg scavenger hunt was created to offer you the best way to explore one of the most beautiful french cities.

Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region in eastern France and lies on the border with Germany, giving it a unique flavour of both countries.

Strasbourg is the home of the European Parliament which is directly elected by the European Union and the seat of several international institutions.

Strasbourg scavenger hunt is a must do !

Explore Strasbourg, playing our scavenger hunt and city tour!

It is an outdoor activity combining playing, walking and learning!

As a result, we created the best walk of the city, so you can learn everything about it and it’s most important attractions.

You will solve riddles and move from one attraction to the other! Don’t worry, using our in app navigation system, you will never get lost.

For the hard riddles, an automatic help system will help you move on!

Exploring Strasbourg playing our scavenger hunt was never more fun!

Take photos, discover hidden gems and narrow streets!

This is the best activity for families, friends, couples, students! Finally, for the escape room lovers also!

Give Strasbourg scavenger hunt a try!

Cost:  Each game costs 20 Euros, up to 4-5 players.

Average duration: 2 hours including total walking time 1 hour

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese

Museum admission fees: Visits to museums and other attractions of Strasbourg do not require a ticket. The puzzles are related to
their outdoor areas. Admission is purely your choice.

What you need to know about Strasbourg scavenger hunt ?

  • No one will be waiting for you anywhere, it’s just you and your smartphones!
  • You can start playing anytime, any day, every day! You can even pause your game and resume later or any other day within a year !
  • You can use one language per serial number. If your group is multilingual, you will need to buy more games if you need more languages.
  • The city hunt + city tour provides information about the city and its attractions, but the escape games do not offer a city tour.
  • The outdoor escape games provide total points and a leaderboard and are a bit more difficult than the city hunt + city tour.
  • There is no time limit for the game. You can complete it at any time at your own pace.
  • Our game is completely outdoor, so it depends on the weather. The game can continue on the same day or another day if it is interrupted.
  • Prefer to start the game in daylight, as the lack of light may make it difficult to solve puzzles. However, the game can still be played at night.
  • For groups of more than 5 people, you must purchase 1 game per 5 people. For example, for a group of 25 people, buy 5 games.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult. It is a nice and very educational activity for them if an adult helps them solve the puzzles and explains them.
  • Puzzles do not require knowledge. Players must use their imagination, logic, combinatorial thinking and cooperation.
  • Every attraction hides a puzzle ! The puzzles are independent and not connected to each other through a story. The goal is for players to interact with the attractions and their surrounding areas !
  • Our game is completely covid19-free as it is an outdoor game!

Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour begins at Ponts Couverts and ends at St.Paul’s church

You will visit:

  • Église Saint-Thomas
  • Place Gutenberg
  • Alsatian Museum
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame
  • Palais Rohan
  • Place Kléber
  • Opéra national du Rhin
  • Place de la République
  • St. Paul’s Church and more…

Ponts Couverts – starting point of Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

Église Saint-Thomas

Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

Exploring Strasbourg can start with this church. It is the historical church that became the Lutheran church of the city after the annexation by France. The building is so old that it dates back to the end of the 12th century. Being this old makes this church have a class of its own. On top of everything, the interior of this church is Baroque as well.

Place Gutenberg

Strasbourg outdoor escape game

There are several squares in Strasbourg, but this is one of the most famous squares. This site is located right in front of the Cathedral’s facade. If you are looking to explore some shops, then you can come here. Otherwise, it is a great place to come, sit and relax. The sculpture here adds to the beauty of the place.

Alsatian Museum

This museum opened in 1907 and it contains artifacts and historical stuff related to daily life usage, most importantly the pore-industrial as well as the early-industrial eras. There are more than 5000 exhibits present here. An interesting thing about this museum is that it is famous for the reconstruction of many traditional houses of different eras.

Cathédrale Notre Dame

Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

It is another famous cathedral in Strasbourg, and it is one of the best examples of the gothic architecture of the Frenchmen. The construction of this cathedral started in 1163 and it was opened in 1345 making it a historical and one of the oldest cathedrals in Strasbourg. Apart from being a historic site, it is stunning in terms of looks from the exterior as well as the interior.

Palais Rohan

Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

If you are looking for some of the finest examples of architecture in Strasbourg, then this site makes a perfect example for you. This palace was the residence of the Cardinals and Prince-Bishops of the house of Rohan. It is a historical building as it was built in 1730 and the building was completed in 1742. Apart from being a residence, it has been the hosting venue for a lot of French Monarchs.

Place Kléber

Strasbourg outdoor escape game

It is the center of the city and the largest square in Strasbourg. The square was built from 1765 to 1772 and it was built in the heart of the commercial area of the city making it one of the most active places in Strasbourg. Now it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988. It was not only an honor for Strasbourg only for the square itself. The reason is that this was the very first time when an entire city center was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Opéra national du Rhin

Strasbourg outdoor escape game

It is a company that still performs in France as well as Germany. This is a Mulhouse in Strasbourg where there are some shows scheduled for them. The interesting part about this place is that since 2001 it has been committed to a policy. According to this policy the place has supported the work of several artists and choreographers.

Place de la Pulque

Another square in Strasbourg is also in Paris. Well, it is located right on the border between the arrondissements number 3, 10, and 11. This is the place which provides amazing views of the border with peace. The monument and the statue on it makes a perfect background for your photos as well.

St. Paul’s Church – ending point of Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

Strasbourg scavenger hunt and city tour

The last site that you are going to visit here is this church. It is a huge example of traditional Gothic architectural style. Apart from being gothic, it is also famous for being an important landmark in Strasbourg. The church was opened in 1897 and its views are stunning. Likewise, the views from the church are amazing as well.

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