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Liverpool scavenger hunt and city tour

Liverpool scavenger hunt and city tour was created to offer you the best way to explore a unique city. Liverpool is a popular city to relocate to thanks to its rich history, plentiful job opportunities & low cost of living. It’s the sixth largest city in the United Kingdom. Located in North West England, it sits within the metropolitan county of Merseyside. Liverpool’s status as a port city has contributed to its diverse population. The city is home to the oldest Black African community in the country and the oldest Chinese community in Europe.Liverpool is not only famous for The Beatles, world-class football, culture and stunning cathedrals but also its dining scene, nightlife and more.

Explore Liverpool, playing our scavenger hunt and city tour!

It is an outdoor activity combining playing, walking and learning!

As a result, we created the best walk of the city, so you can learn everything about it and it’s most important attractions.

You will solve riddles and move from one attraction to the other! Don’t worry, using our in app navigation system, you will never get lost.

For the hard riddles, an automatic help system will help you move on!

Exploring Liverpool playing our scavenger hunt was never more fun!

Take photos, discover hidden gems and narrow streets!

This is the best activity for families, friends, couples, students! Finally, for the escape room lovers also!

Give it a try!

Cost:  Each game costs 18 pounds, up to 4-5 players.

Average duration: 2 hours including total walking time 1 hour

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

Museum admission fees: Visits to museums and other attractions of Liverpool do not require a ticket. The puzzles are related to
their outdoor areas. Admission is purely your choice.

What you need to know about Liverpool scavenger hunt ?

  • No one will be waiting for you anywhere, it’s just you and your smartphones!
  • You can start playing anytime, any day, every day! You can even pause your game and resume later or any other day within a year !
  • You can use one language per serial number. If your group is multilingual, you will need to buy more games if you need more languages.
  • The city hunt + city tour provides information about the city and its attractions, but the escape games do not offer a city tour.
  • The outdoor escape games provide total points and a leaderboard and are a bit more difficult than the city hunt + city tour.
  • There is no time limit for the game. You can complete it at any time at your own pace.
  • Our game is completely outdoor, so it depends on the weather. The game can continue on the same day or another day if it is interrupted.
  • Prefer to start the game in daylight, as the lack of light may make it difficult to solve puzzles. However, the game can still be played at night.
  • For groups of more than 5 people, you must purchase 1 game per 5 people. For example, for a group of 25 people, buy 5 games.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult. It is a nice and very educational activity for them if an adult helps them solve the puzzles and explains them.
  • Puzzles do not require knowledge. Players must use their imagination, logic, combinatorial thinking and cooperation.
  • Every attraction hides a puzzle ! The puzzles are independent and not connected to each other through a story. The goal is for players to interact with the attractions and their surrounding areas !
  • Our game is completely covid19-free as it is an outdoor game!

Liverpool scavenger hunt and city tour begins at World Museum and ends at Liverpool cathedral

You will visit:

  • St George’s Hall
  • St Johns Beacon
  • Cavern Club
  • The Three Graces
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Tate Liverpool
  • Nordic Church and Cultural Centre
  • Chinatown
  • Liverpool Cathedral and more…

1.      World Museum – starting point of Liverpool scavenger hunt and city tour

Liverpool scavenger hunt

It is one of the largest museums present in Liverpool, England. It is famous for its huge collection, including archaeology. Most archaeologists are attracted to the world Museum of Liverpool due to its unique archaeological collection. You will also find a section of ethnology having great importance.

Natural and Physical Sciences departments also like to visit the Museum often because of its collection on certain subjects. It has a natural history Centre which is the special attraction of the world museum. You can enter the Museum without paying for any ticket because the entry is free. This Museum is also a part of the National Museum situated in Liverpool. It is the oldest Museum present in Liverpool.

2.      St George’s Hall

St Georges Hall

It is a famous building located at the St. George’s Palace. It is categorized under and neoclassical building because it is famous for its classical shows that are held in the concert halls present at the location.

It is also best for consulting about matters including the law of the country as there are law courts present. In the national heritage list of England, this building is of great importance because it is a grade 1 building within the entire list.

3.      St John’s Beacon

St Johns Beacon

This is one of the second tallest buildings present in Liverpool. Overall in the United Kingdom, it is the 32nd tallest building. It is set to be 125 meters tall, which is a huge number. Mostly it is used for observational purposes because it is an observation Tower.


It is also considered a Radio City Tower because it can catch high signal frequency. In 1969 it was opened by Queen Elizabeth II, which is why it is also important from historical background.

4.      Cavern Club

Liverpool scavenger hunt

It is one of the famous Clubs of Liverpool which was first opened in 1957. It is also home to the famous band called Beatles in the United Kingdom. People are attracted to it because it is becoming a nature center of Rock and Roll music. It was opened first as a jazz club, but it is becoming advanced with the passage of time.

5.      The Three Graces

Liverpool scavenger hunt

This is a classical sculpture Made up of marble. It has historical importance because it was made up by the artist Antonio Canova. It is said that it represents the three daughters of Zeus in the statue, who is a symbol of Beauty, youth, and elegance. The three daughters have the name of Euphrosyne, Aglaea, and Thalia.

6.      Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

The newest Museum that has been opened in Liverpool in the year 2011. It has replaced the old Museum of Liverpool, which was called as Museum of Liverpool life. It has the latest collection of monuments from history and archaeology.

7.      Tate Liverpool

It is a beautiful gallery and Museum situated in Liverpool, which is considered the greatest asset of the United Kingdom. It has all the attractions for the Tourists and locals. Considered as one of the Famous initiatives for Merseyside Development Corporation, was open in the year of 1988.

8.      Nordic Church and Cultural Centre

The place is known by various names and is very popular among tourists because of religious purposes. This is the most peaceful church in Liverpool. It also has cultural attractions reflecting British culture in a unique way. It is famous for its cultural ethics as well as religious purposes.

9.      Chinatown


It is an area in Liverpool which is of great importance to the Chinese. An Enclave home to the Chinese community, also made for the preservation and support of the Chinese community that is residents of Liverpool.

There are various businesses of Chinese including Restaurants and supermarkets. China community has been given various facilities at the China Town located in Liverpool, which is why most of the Chinese live within the area in the residential section.

10.  Liverpool Cathedral – ending point of Liverpool scavenger hunt and city tour

Liverpool scavenger hunt

It is situated on the Mount of St James’s. Also called the seat of the bishop because of its religious relevance. The famous Cathedral which is for the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool. It is situated at the height of 101 meters visited by many people on a daily basis.

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    Challenging game, you have to be willing to solve any kind of riddle! The difficulty was mixed , easy and hard riddles, generally of a good balance

  2. jophn45

    cool way to explroe the city !

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